MCH_Johnson-Steinhagen-StasiaStasia Johnson Steinhagen, CCLP, MA is a homeopath, herbalist, certified coach and educator. Soon after graduating from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Stasia began here at the Minnesota Center for Homeopathy where she specializes in caring for clients with complex cases, individuals with gifted and special needs, and families. A long-time user of both acute and constitutional homeopathy for herself and family, Stasia believes that homeopathic care can benefit everyone – from the healthiest, to those most in need. Stasia enjoys seeing the homeopathic process help clients unwind physical, mental, and emotional concerns, while gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of themselves, and what it means to be truly healthy.

Stasia received her Masters from the University of St. Catherine’s School of Health with studies concentrated in herbology and nutrition education research. Certified in 1991 (CCLP), Stasia has been a life, health and professional coach for over 20 years. Her many years of coaching in the Powerful Listening tradition are fundamental to her work as a homeopath, while the art and science of homeopathy inform her work as a coach, herbalist, researcher and educator.

Stasia continues to teach in a variety of topics areas ranging from homeopathy, holistic nutrition, coaching, listening, and integrative medicine research. She is on faculty at St. Catherine University teaching research in the graduate studies program, and continues to publish integrative medicine research with faculty at St. Catherine University and the University of Minnesota. She is a member of the Minnesota Homeopathic Association, American Holistic Medical Association, and the Minnesota Coaches Association. She is also a certified provider of homeoprophylaxis protocols.

Fee Schedule

$195 for Initial Consultation, $85 for follow-up visits (or $45 per month for Monthly Plan, which also includes acute care)

$20-50 for acute care calls

$25/quarter-hour for non-homeopathic services, such as:

  • Herbal Support, Whole Nutrition, or Supplement Consultations
  • Health, Life, or Professional Coaching
  • Values, Purpose or Life Plan Work
  • Couples, Family, or Group “Powerful Listening” Work


Weekdays 8am – 6pm; evenings and Saturdays by appointment.