Stasia Johnson Steinhagen

Stasia Johnson Steinhagen, CCLP, MA, CCH is a certified classical homeopath, herbalist, coach and educator. Stasia became interested in homeopathy after remedies helped her family – from disappearing acute illnesses, to calmed anxiety and behavior changes, to kids who rarely got sick. When the still-feverish, could-hardly-move family dog (despite a $500 overnight visit to the ER resulting in a “I dunno” from the kind vet) started prancing around 20 minutes after some Rhus Tox 30c, Stasia figured she better start paying attention to the data. This stuff helps the body/mind do its stuff better.

She left her career in tech and started studying homeopathy in the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy (NAH) four-year program, while working simultaneously towards her masters in holistic health studies at St. Catherine University. Stasia received her Masters from St. Kate’s with her concentration in herbology and nutrition education research, her professional certification in homeopathy from NAH, and obtained her CCH several years later. Before delving into holistic healthcare, Stasia was certified in 1991 as a life, health and professional coach (CCLP). Her almost 30 years of coaching in the Powerful Listening tradition are fundamental to her work as a homeopath. Similarly, the art and science of homeopathy inform her work as a coach, herbalist, researcher and educator.

After graduation, Stasia began here at the Minnesota Center for Homeopathy specializing in caring for clients with complex cases, individuals with gifted and special needs, and everyday folks and families. Practicing for eleven years now, Stasia believes that homeopathic care can benefit everyone – from the healthiest, to those most in need. Stasia enjoys seeing the homeopathic process help clients unwind physical, mental, and emotional concerns, while gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of themselves, and what it means to be truly free and healthy.

Stasia has returned to each of her post-graduate alma mater’s to teach in holistic health research and homeopathic studies. Privately, she trains individuals and professionals on the critical role that listening plays in our lives and healing. Stasia is a peer-reviewed researcher; was on team with St. Catherine University and the University of Minnesota faculty from 2011 – 2018 examining complimentary medicine’s knowledge, use and referral practices among conventional care providers. Stasia has also certified on homeoprophylaxis protocols.

Fee Schedule

$225 for Initial Consultation (2-3 hours)

$95 for follow-up visits (55 minutes)

$45 or $75 for shortened follow-ups (20- or 40-minutes)

$30-60 for acute care

$40/20-minutes for non-homeopathic services, such as: Holistic Health Navigation, Coaching, or Powerful Listening Work

Hours & Scheduling

Stasia has office, phone, or video appointments available by appointment weekdays 10 am – 5 pm. Extended hours and housecalls are available as needed.

Brief complimentary inquiry at no charge. Click here to book a time to chat, inquire or to schedule your appointment . Or call Stasia directly at 612-250-1432.