What to Expect


The homeopathic interview is a unique experience. It starts with an in-depth initial consultation focusing on a holistic view of past and present mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. It continues with periodic follow-up visits to monitor your progress.

Essential to effective homeopathic care is the information that you provide to the practitioner. In addition to information about your symptoms, you will be asked about such things as food preferences, fears, dreams and how your sense of well-being and/or symptoms change as a result of external influences. The ultimate goal of a homeopathic consultation is for the homeopath to truly understand what is unique about you. In that manner, she or he can best select remedies that suit your needs.



Homeopathic remedies are safe and gentle when used as recommended by a trained homeopath. They can be used safely in conjunction with mainstream medicine, and for all ages and stages, including babies and children, pregnant women and seniors.